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We push brands to reach their full potential—whatever it takes.

Bring us your pain points and we’ll solve them. We aren’t “yes men.” We give a damn about your brand and we’ll push you to take risks, challenge your preconceptions, and together find the best way to do the job. 

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When we set out to create Riot, we knew we wanted it to be different than your typical cookie cutter marketing and creative agency. We’ve experienced first-hand the frustration that can come from outsourcing to people that, at the end of the day, don’t know your company, your market, or your brand. We aim to change that paradigm. We’ve built our organization around the idea that we’re not just another vendor — we’re in the trenches as part of your in-house marketing team.

Our Clients

Calling all pioneers, visionaries, and trailblazers.

From our internal organization to our pricing structure, our focus is on the fundamental goal of being your brand’s biggest advocate. As a brand partner, we get in the trenches of your business, stay accessible 24/7/365, and produce award-winning marketing and creative for brands that we truly understand.


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The Faces Behind The Work

Our Team

Michael Shumway

Founder, Creative Director

As a visual storyteller, Michael is relentless in finding great brand stories that engage customers.

Cailun Stewart

Head of Digital

Cailun is a creative strategist and founding partner, providing smart & flexible digital services.

Matt Berry

Head of Design

Matt is a creative tour de force with a passion for design and visuals.

Kyle Lieberman

Head of Motion

Kyle leads the charge with Riot Motion and the fleet of pursuit vehicles, along with being a successful DP for Riot productions.

Brent Rowland

Brand Strategist

Michelle Tierney

Producer, Project Manager

Mackenzie Mellen
Mackenzie Mellen


Sean Jennings

Social Strategist

Pete Larkin


Bryce Whitaker


Jason Dunn

Colorist / DIT

Lester Lauritzen

Visual Effects

Ryan Kunz


Aaron Gough


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