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Barrett® REC10™ Film

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With the film, authentic storytelling was critical.

Film to promote the release of Barrett®’s military contract AR10 platform, the REC10™. Since the rifle would actually be used in theater overseas, we wanted the story of soldier and rifle to be told in the most authentic way possible. We used real marines and special operations forces to both be on screen and off making sure every scene was authentic and true to how it might be in the field. We wanted every frame to feel dusty, grimy, with no escape to any semblance of comfort. We filmed on the Canon® C700™ and had to have it bagged in every scene because of the amount of dust and debris we kept putting in the air. All of the action scenes were shot with the shutter over-cranked as well to give it that frantic look made famous by Saving Private Ryan.

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Winner of a Telly® Award

Filming took place in central Utah in the middle of December. There was no snow on the ground miraculously, but it was a struggle to have the locations read hot in camera. All-in-all, we had an incredible cast, crew, and client that really made our vision for this spot come to life.

The team

Barrett® REC10™ Film Credits

Winner of a Telly® Award

Riot Team

— Crystal Jennings
Account Manager

— Ellie Keller


— Erin Kennedy
Barrett® Marketing Director


Talent Management Group
Casting Agency

Military Casting Agency


— Paul Hunt


— Michael Shumway
Director, Editor, Colorist

— Brent Rowland

— Mikkel Richardson
1st Assistant Camera

— Jason Rogers

— Adam Smith

— Jon Tinsley

— Ben Josephsen
Special Effects

— B.T. Measles
Sound Mixer

— Jim Staley / TacGas
Authenticity Director

— Dave Keller
BTS Photographer


— Owen Peterson / Shatter Boom Studios
Post Sound

— Lester Laurtizen
Visual Effects

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