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From the outset, we knew this wasn’t just another assignment. Teaming up with an eclectic crew—Kalen Thorien, Adam Glick, Alex Strohl, and Michael Murguia—we embarked on a journey to encapsulate the very essence of ‘Finding Nowhere.’ This wasn’t merely a catchy phrase but a profound search for healing and discovery in the embrace of the wilderness.

The resulting film? It wasn’t your conventional commercial. Instead, it emerged as a poignant narrative birthed from the unpredictability of road life. As we weathered challenging terrains and the bitter embrace of winter, following these seasoned desert nomads, the emotions that unfurled were as raw and unscripted as the landscapes we traversed.

What elevated this venture was an unparalleled level of trust, a synergy that weaved its way between the client, agency, and every individual in our close-knit production family. Moments of pure, unfiltered truth were captured because we all intuitively reached for our cameras, recognizing the magic in these fleeting instances.

Innovation also marked our journey. Our tech game was elevated with the use of a pioneering Starlink to Starlink live-feed relay, ensuring seamless communication even in the most remote corners. Moreover, this wasn’t just a project—it was a pledge to our planet. Collaborating with @winwin_eco_productions, we went beyond mere words, establishing this expedition as an epitome of eco-conscious filmmaking.

To the entire crew, your unwavering passion and exceptional skills transformed a dream into a tangible masterpiece. We sought ‘nowhere,’ and in its vastness, unearthed something truly profound.

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