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Mercedes Benz® + Kraus Motor Co™

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    Mercedes Benz / Kraus Motor Co

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Help customers understand that the Mercedes Benz® Sprinter® is more than just a fleet vehicle.

While Mercedes Benz® is perhaps best known for producing some of the finest luxury cars in the world, the Sprinter™ van lineup has quietly amassed a loyal fan base. Not only is the van a reliable fleet vehicle, it also attracts adventurers, travelers, artists, athletes, and anyone looking for the most flexible van platform on the market. Kraus Motor Co™, led by Satya Kraus, is one such owner. Kraus takes Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and rebuilds them from the ground up essentially turning a $30k “built for speed limits” motorcycle into a $80k track-ready race bike. Riot had the rare opportunity to pull back the curtain to get a glimpse of what makes Kraus’ culture great and how they use their Sprinter van day-in and day-out.

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Behind The Scenes

Mercedes Benz + Kraus Film Credits


— Michael Shumway
Director / Editor

— Brent Rowland


— Jake Proctor
Sound Mix / Strawberry Sound™


— Satya Kraus
CEO of Kraus Motor Co


— We Are The People
Soldier Story

Riot Team

— Michael Shumway

— Grant Garlisch
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