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Radian® Illustrations


Illustrate and design graphic elements for sales support materials and merch items.

  • Design

    Illustration, Print Design

  • Client

    Radian Weapons


Show the inner workings of a rifle using a cutaway illustration.

Riot was tasked with designing a  countertop mat and a poster series that showcased the inner workings of a Radian® rifle.  Enlisting the help of technical illustrator, Jim Hatch, and firearm illustrator, Jason at Ten Pound Monkey, the end result is a beautiful blend of art and engineering.

The team

People behind the project.

Project Management

— Cailun Stewart
Account Manager

— Ellie Keller
Project Manager

Design Team

— Michael Shumway
Art Direction

Jim Hatch
Technical Illustration

— Jason (Ten Pound Monkey)
Firearm Illustration

— Matt Berry
Design Lead

— Mackenzie Mellen

Content Team

— Brent Rowland

— Michael Shumway

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