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Velocity® Branding

Velocity builds the best classic truck restorations on the planet.  We had the privilege of designing a timeless brand system that would appeal to the classic truck crowd while maintaining some modern sensibilities.

Open Project

Build a unified visual system around the cult-classic Ford® Bronco® and expert fabricators, Velocity Restorations.

  • Design

    Branding, Apparel, UI/UX Design

  • Client

    Velocity Restorations


Find the line between nostalgia and luxury for a brand based on the Ford® Bronco®.

Every brand system is a challenge, especially when you have too walk the line between two seemingly disparate ideologies.  When Velocity approached us to design their new visual system, we were tasked with building a brand that would be equally at home as a classic truck hood ornament or a modern luxury brand.

Before After

The team

The team that made the dream

Project Management

— Cailun Stewart
Account Manager

— Ellie Keller
Project Manager

Design Team

— Michael Shumway
Art Direction

— Matt Berry
Design Lead

— Tanner Milne

— Mackenzie Mellen


— Cailun Stewart
Brand Strategy

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